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We are 100% FullStack JavaScript company. We are expert at Node.js, Express.js and React.js.

We do Full Stack Development in JavaScript. We are located at Bangalore, India

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Our approach.

We provide Micro Service Architecture design, Technical Stack migration, Single Page Applications, Full Stack JavaScript, Web and Mobile Apps, API creation, Code ReWrite and Refactor, UI/UX design, and Training. We work on cutting edge technologies React.js, React Native, Expo, Node.js, REST Apis, GraphQL, Material Design, Express.js, MongoDB, ServerLess etc.

Our Mission.

We want you to focus on your core business area and not wasting time and resources in solving technical challenges. That's why Billexo Labs is here.

Who we are.

Billexo Labs is co-founded by Narendra Sisodiya. Billexo Labs is part of Billexo Technologies Private Limited. Billexo Labs provides Full Stack JavaScript consultancy.

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Billexo Lab

JavaScript rules the world now. JavaScript is not just a frontend technology, JavaScript is now used for Server side, for Database, even IOT devices.

JavaScript is the future of business applications on the web and of mobile apps. JavaScript powers the app and/or web presence of almost every Fortune 500 companies. Whether, you are a 500 fortune company or a fresh startup with a new innovative business idea, you need good Technology product. However, Creating scalable and maintainable JavaScript code is very challenging task. Even many tech companies rewrite their code for poor quality.

Service we provide

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Architecture Repair or Tech Stack Migration

  • Scalable UI Architecture
  • Client-Side Micro Services
  • GraphQL based APIs

Mobile & Web Application using React

We develop B2B/B2C Mobile and Web Applications. Mobile apps are developed with Offline first approach.

Configuration driven Analytical Dashboard

Configuration driven Dashboard. Widget initialisation based on JSON config. Highly configuration UI.

MicroService Architecture using ServerLess

We build state of the art solution using micro service architecture using AWS lambda serverless technology with Node.js runtime.

API Development

REST or GraphQL API development using Node.js

Full Stack JavaScript Consulting

We have over 9 years of experience in building JavaScript projects. We deliver maintainable, scalable, clean code.


Make your app simple, easy-to-use. We can help you create better user experience.


We provide corporate training on Full Stack JavaScript

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— Narendra Sisodiya


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Legal Name - Billexo Technologies Private Limited
Corporate Identification Number (CIN) - U74999MP2017PTC044412

Registration Number - 044412
TAN - BPLB05475B